CARE BY ME pesupähkinät 500gr
Pesupähkinät kauniissa puuvillapussissa; 500gr + kaksi pientä puuvillapussia, joihin pesupähkinät laitetaan pesun ajaksi.
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Soap Berries, Dryer Balls and Casmere Combs are available in our warehouse to order with our other brands. All the other CARE BY ME products will be ordered separately from their warehouse in Denmark as we act as an agent for them. More info here

SOAP NUTS, also known as soapberries, washing nuts, soap nut shells and wash nuts, are basically the dried out shells from the soapberry. These berries are the fruit from the Sapindus mukorossi tree.

SOAP NUTS release saponin when coming into contact with water between 30-60oC (86-140oF) and will last an average of 4-5 washes. An average load may need 3-4 shells (or equivalent in pieces), a larger and dirtier load may require 5-8 shells and smaller loads may only need 2-3. Harder water may require more. 

When the Saponin has been exhausted from the shells for laundry use, they will look dark/grey and feel soggy. At this point, you can safely throw them on your compost heap or put them aside for making a mild soap nut liquid (see below). They also make a great hand soap - just toss them in your blender with some water and you get hand soap.

Use SOAP NUTS as a 100% organic alternative to synthetic laundry detergents. All-natural, biodegradable, organically grown, odorless, non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals. Gentle on delicate clothing, perfect for sensitive skin and allergies, naturally repels insects. Made in Nepal.

Contains: 500g soap nuts + 2 small cotton bags.


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